A Few Easy Methods to Sell eBooks Online

In case you’ve read articles and blog posts about eBook sales, you have probably noticed that many of them are mentioning E-junkie, ClickBank or other affiliate networks. Some authors claim that this is the best way to earn money online, but the fact is that there are few other methods that will probably bring better results. Namely, there are ways to sell ebooks for free. The only thing you will have to invest is time. You will need time to create an Ebook, to market the eBook and finally sell it. However, if you do these things in the right way, you can expect a lot of money.

There are literally dozens of places on the Internet where you can sell your eBooks. But, most authors and sellers agree that there are three simple, yet effective ways where you can conduct such sales. Almost every author that has used these methods has reported success. Of course, the quality of your eBook plays the most important role, but the place where you are offering your work has a huge impact too.

To start with, you can sell your eBook on Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace which started as an online bookstore. Today, they are also the largest book seller in the world (including eBooks). Their Kindle app and device have millions of users and Kindle readers are known for their interest in downloading new eBooks. If you want to upload your eBook to Amazon, you will have to create a seller’s account, choose the right format and follow their instructions. The best part is that these activities are completely free.

The other place where you can sell eBooks online is Smashwords. This is a useful platform that has the ability to convert documents into any format used by modern eBook readers like lrd, mobi, epub, and PDF. In addition to their own platform, Smashwords also sends your eBook to other retailers like Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Noble. There are many useful tutorials that will help you finish this procedure quickly.

In the end, you can also choose to open your own website and sell your eBook directly from it. You will need to invest more time and energy on a venture like this, but you will get all the profit. Invest in an eCommerce template that will guarantee more success.