Three best places to sell your used books online

I know you have read all the old books on the shelf and you want to get rid of them. But before you get rid of them, you should know that those books are useful to someone out there, and they can also fetch you money. So the big question now is “how?”

You can sell your used books online and make money. There are different places that you can sell your books to, but I would just give you three places you can sell your used books online.

    • The Amazon marketplace is a very popular marketplace where you can sell your old books. Although you might not be able to sell all your books, you would be able to sell a tangible part of your books for a tangible amount of money which would be useful for you. However, for you to sell your books, it must be in good conditions (it must not have any water damage, damaged spines or covers or marked pages). The good thing about Amazon is that if they reject your book, they will mail it back to you for free.

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  • Powell’s book. Powell’s book has been around for a very long time. It is the largest independent bookstore in the world. What makes it different from other online stores is that they also have local book stores that you can go to. However, Powell’s buyers are very strict about the books they buy. So don’t try sending them former library books, books with tears, highlighting, broken bindings or hardcover without a dust jacket. Trust me they won’t take it. So take note of that before you try sending books to Powell’s website. Although, if Powell’s buyers accept your books, you will be paid a good price.
  • Abe Books. You can sell your used books with Abe Books. You can just set up a professional seller account with Abe Books. However, you have only a few titles to upload. That is why you should use Book-buyback service. Abe Books is owned by Amazon. And it is claimed to have the largest online buyback catalog (this is a good place to sell your used books). Before you sell a book to Abe Books, they must be worth at least $15, and they must be in good condition. If your old books don’t meet Abe Book’s criteria, they will be recycled, and that’s not what you want.